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"Darash's best album to date, Andalusian Love Song continues his evolutionary path as composer and pianist."

Mark Sullivan - All About Jazz

"Nine compelling tunes have me transfixed from start to finish. The recording is on a grand scale, the arrangements are sublime and sumptuous in turns. I find myself lost in the originality, the excitement, and the beauty of it all. Darash leads from the front, his fluent, enchanting playing leading the large ensemble cast on a journey of adventure. But it’s how they take the listener with them that means so much. I feel fully immersed and totally involved in the music as I listen, completely captivated."

Mike Gates - UKVIBE

"As mentioned earlier, Avishai Darash has carried his musical mission statement with him for many years across a variety of impeccable releases but it's hard to imagine his vision being realised in a more appropriate way than what has been achieved with 'Andalusian Love Song'.  It's inspired, it's joyful and very much a masterpiece"

Imran Mizra - Blue-InGreen Radio

"The result is warm, romantic and deep..."

Ken Vos - Jazzism

"Andalusian Love Song", as a whole, is more than just a "song" of love. Instead, it is a declaration of cultural belonging, a spontaneous and internalized sharing that looks across and beyond geographical borders, traveling the circumnavigation of all the musical variables that cross the territory from Israel to Europe to North Africa."

Riccardo Talamazzi - OFFTOPIC

"to the rank of star, and this is the case of the composer Avishai Daarash who, through his music, gives us his love of the world and of others."

Thierry Docmac - Paris Move



"Samskara is a mottled album, with exotic traits, from which a praiseworthy melodic, improvised, harmonious and rhythmic research emerges. This is a record that shines with an expressive warmth that pervades the listener during the passage of the eleven tracks" (Written in Italian)

Stefano Dentice - SoundContest

"The songs are interesting due to their ingenious structure. The strong melodies and rhythms make the music very accessible. In other words, "Samskara" is an entertaining and very pleasant album"

Mathijs Van Den Berg - JazzEnZO

"Darash develops melodic contours that suggest a constantly bubbling source. You can hear finely spun bass plucking. "Earth Saung" moves in the context of pop music and that is not only due to the English-language poetry, but rather to the harmonies and rhythms"

Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther - JazzHalo

"Avishai Darash, once again, offers us a tremendous creative act. He is an astonishing musician and composer. The playing is responsive, emotive. An album laced with various moods and textures, Samskara is the result of a true creator, whose compositions allow us to catch the depth of the collective as well as the individuality of its musicians"

Nathalie Freson - UK Vibe

"With this Samskara Darash shows once more his artistry and craft to be of a different caliber and depth"

Ken Vos - Jazzism

"Samskara is a delightful melding of influences: jazz, Middle Eastern traditions, plus a bit of tuneful pop. Darash has found another winning vocalist in El Fillali, while Semlali and Safia shine as accompanists and soloists. The entire group has a joy in music-making that is infectious"

Mark Sullivan - All About Jazz


"Nomadic Treasures is a listening adventure, bearing much emotion in every song..."

Nathalie Freson - UK Vibe

"Darash's playing is deeply inspired with a richly melodic and narrative feel. His touch is magic. This album, in the lines of contemporary jazz, is impressive for the abundance of content and melodic elegance..."

Stefano Dentice - Romainjazz

"This is a band with REAL chemistry"

Mark Sullivan - All About Jazz


"Darash manages to show through his playing different variations and moods in a profound manner"

Rik Van Boeckel - Jazzism Magazine

"The opener -Happiness- establishes that this will be not business as usual. It may be be a piano trio, but the arrangement is extremely conversational. The bass and drums don't just react to the piano, they come in and out over the course of the track. Happiness finds expression in a bright, upbeat feel with distinct rhythmic shifts in the different sections"

Mark Sullivan - All About Jazz

“Lullaby For Bendavid,” an energetic lulling, left and right hands rolling out entangled counter melodies. “Nothingness” features the added dimension of Borchov’s bowed bass, adding an richly ruminative, reverential atmosphere in the ballad sections of a gorgeously constructed, multiple tempo tune.”

Dan Mc'clenghan - All About Jazz

"...To escape gravity, severity and being earthbound seems to be what the trio pursues... Darash's compositions oscillate between harshness and ease which is due to Avi's play-style, who effortlessly uses his elaborate left hand as well as his sparkling movement on his right hand..."

"A new voice in the world of music in not only dazzling us with his incredible virtuosity, but doing it in such a heartfelt and thoughtful manner that it leaves this listener believing he is hearing a musician who is on a path that will lead to great things..."

Mike Gates - UK Vibe

"Quite a stunning album from pianist Darash, bassist Avri Borochov and drummer Ofri Nehemya. Darash's deftness in the creation and development of melodies leads to some lovely harmonic possibilities that the trio takes advantage of at every turn. They're joined by a string quartet on a handful of tunes, and Darash gets them right out front, shining brightly like the glory of the sun. I get more addicted to this recording with each subsequent listen."

Mike Sumner - Bird is the worm

“Really nice writing and playing through the album. Darash’s strong technique at the piano allows him to explore the individual approach he’s taking, both as a bandleader and pianist. Complex rhythms are executed fluently between all the band members. This album transmits Avishai’s own brand – a mix of melancholy and energetic compositions. His commitment to nurturing and developing his own voice already makes him a compelling pianist for the listener.”

Brad Mehldau - About Impermanence

“Avi Darash is a great pianist and composer from a new generation….a truly inspiring musician with a deep commitment to spiritual growth through music and the study of different traditions, composition methods and improvising on his own unpredictable terms…. a real force to the future of music.”

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