“Darash’s strong technique at the piano allows him to explore the individual approach he’s taking, both as a bandleader and pianist.”

Brad Mehldau, Legendary Jazz Pianist

"Samskara is a mottled album, with exotic traits, from which a praiseworthy melodic, improvised, harmonious and rhythmic research emerges. This is a record that shines with an expressive warmth that pervades the listener during the passage of the eleven tracks" 

Stefano Dentice, SoundContest

"...To escape gravity, severity and being earthbound seems to be what the trio pursues... Darash's compositions oscillate between harshness and ease which is due to Avi's play-style, who effortlessly uses his elaborate left hand as well as his sparkling movement on his right hand..."

ferdinand dupuis-panther, JazzHalo

"Darash develops melodic contours that suggest a constantly bubbling source. You can hear finely spun bass plucking. "Earth Saung" moves in the context of pop music and that is not only due to the English-language poetry, but rather to the harmonies and rhythms" 

Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther, JazzHalo

"The opener -Happiness- establishes that this will be not business as usual. It may be be a piano trio, but the arrangement is extremely conversational. The bass and drums don't just react to the piano, they come in and out over the course of the track. Happiness finds expression in a bright, upbeat feel"

Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

"Samskara is a delightful melding of influences: jazz, Middle Eastern traditions, plus a bit of tuneful pop. Darash has found another winning vocalist in El Fillali, while Semlali and Safia shine as accompanists and soloists. The entire group has a joy in music-making that is infectious"

Mark Sullivan, All About Jazz

"The songs are interesting due to their ingenious structure. The strong melodies and rhythms make the music very accessible. In other words, "Samskara" is an entertaining and very pleasant album" 

Mathijs Van Den Berg, Jazzeno

"Darash manages to show through his playing different variations and moods in a profound manner"

Rik Van Boeckel, Jazzism Magazine

"With this Samskara Darash shows once more his artistry and craft to be of a different caliber and depth"

Ken Vos , Jazzism

"Nomadic Treasures is a listening adventure, bearing much emotion in every song..."

Nathalie Freson, UK Vibe

“Lullaby For Bendavid,” an energetic lulling, left and right hands rolling out entangled counter melodies. “Nothingness” features the added dimension of Borchov’s bowed bass, adding an richly ruminative, reverential atmosphere in the ballad sections of a gorgeously constructed, multiple tempo tune.”

Dan Mc'clenghan, All About Jazz
Between Hope and Despair
In response to recent global events, I've decided to create a nine-piece album that reflects my experiences amid the ongoing turmoil and uncertainty. As narratives shift with each passing moment and the currents of consciousness evolve, I've found a way to express my perspective and contribute a legacy of unity and love through the language of music. Collaborating with my favourite musicians – Shayan Fathi, Ivan Ruiz Machado and Antonio Moreno Glazkov – has transformed what might seem like a simple concept into a realisation with both personal and global significance. The top-notch production was led by Shayan Fathi at Camaleon Studios, and videos were crafted by Noah Shaye.
Avishai Darash's debut album unfolds as a poignant journey of emotion and introspection. Crafting compositions for solo, trio and a string quartet, Darash delves into the profound wellsprings of personal experience, notably navigating the loss of his mother while emphasizing the transient nature of existence. Each meticulously crafted note and arrangement serves as a heartfelt testament to the intricate interplay of grief, resilience, and the enduring human spirit, echoing through the resonance of strings and keys alike. Released on December 15, 2015, the album features the exceptional talents of Ofri Nehemya, Avri Borochov, and a string quartet from the acclaimed Dutch orchestra "Metropol Orkest".
"Samskara" delves into the profound psychological imprints that individuals carry with them, which are deeply embedded in the psyche and cannot be completely removed. In this release from AMA Records in Italy, Avishai Darash explores his deepest cultural imprints by merging Arabic, jazz, classical, and melodious pop into a single album that exemplifies his diverse range of influences. The album includes trio, quartet, and quintet compositions, each emotively reflecting the experiences shared by individuals involved in the creation process. Avishai also contributed texts that embody his connection to the written word. Released may 30th 2019.
Quarantine Blues
In August, our trio reconvened after a two-month hiatus, and the session felt incredibly special. Spontaneously recorded in my living room, the atmosphere was magical, adding a personal and vulnerable touch to the EP. With Antonio's label's support, we proudly present "Quarantine Blues," capturing the trio's exposed and sensitive formation, resembling a piano-as-orchestra concept. Comprising pieces written in different periods but played simultaneously, these five compositions reflect my role as a composer and pianist in a trio. Many thanks to Arin and Udo for infusing the songs with their beautiful interpretations. Released March 3rd 2021.
Nomadic Treasures
The collective sound of 'Nomadic Treasures' is the culmination of years of travel, blending sounds from across the globe – from Western classical music and American jazz to Jewish and traditional folk music from North Africa. Pianist, composer and arranger, Avishai Darash, crafts the music, complemented by singer Irini Konstantinidi, who adorns it with her crystal-clear voice and storytelling lyrics. Together, they create songs brimming with ritual rhythms and pure emotions. The quartet is rounded out by the artistry of bassist Daniele Cappucci and drummer Joan Terol Amigó. Over years of touring, the four musicians have garnered praise in the jazz world and the music circuit. The term 'nomad' embodies a person without a land, a wanderer collecting experiences and musical treasures along the way. 'Nomadic Treasures' delivers songs about love, joy, nostalgia, peacefulness, and hope that resonate directly with the heart through their honest expression. Each live performance by the quartet is a celebration of life and human divinity. Released on AMA records on