"a real force to the future of music.”

Jorge Rossy, Legendary jazz drummer

"to the rank of star, and this is the case of the composer Avishai Darash who, through his music, gives us his love of the world and of others."

Thierry Docmac, Paris Move

"Darash's deftness in the creation and development of melodies leads to some lovely harmonic possibilities that the trio takes advantage of at every turn. They're joined by a string quartet on a handful of tunes, and Darash gets them right out front, shining brightly like the glory of the sun. I get more addicted to this recording with each subsequent listen."

Mike Sumner, Bird Is the worm
Piano Works
In a quaint and intimate studio setting in 2012, Avishai embarked on his initial piano recordings, a collection that remained tucked away, never unveiled to the world. Convinced that the right opportunity would arise with further honing of his craft, Avishai kept this early work in reserve. This modest album serves as a glimpse into his approach to piano composition, showcasing his unique concepts of touch and sound. Excitingly, breaking the silence, Avishai has announced a significant development: in December 2024, he will collaborate with the boutique label TRPTK to release his first official solo collection of piano compositions.